Thursday, January 16, 2020

Valentines 2020

I design something each year for Valentines Day and I am especially proud of this year’s designs.  These are all available at my sister site I started working with the concept of nesting hearts. As I worked I discovered hearts don’t nest well. You lose the shape quickly so I instead switched to proportional shrinks. I like what was happening and developed these three files for Valentine crafters to use.

First I design the wall decor piece. I especially love the elegance of the all white design although I have made it in all red. Someone just posted a picture on facebook of their interpretation alternating red and white. How about silver? It was designed to fit in a standard 8 x 8” shadow box although be careful. My 8 x 8” shadow box really measure 9 x 9”. Measure the inside of your shadow box before cutting. It is easy to adjust this file to match whatever square option you have.

Save the heart cutouts from the wall decor project. With those you will set to move right into the Stacked Hearts Valentine Card v1 (red). I just adhered the heart cutouts into stacks and applied them to the front of a card. The download includes a “Be My Valentine” cut out sentiment for the inside and a custom envelope cutting file as well.

For the 2nd card - Stacked Heart Valentine card v2 (white) I cut the files for the wall decor piece in a smaller scale to fit on a 5 x 5 card. This download also includes the sentiment and the envelope.

All three files are available as a download from the store and all have online tutorials including videos.
  • Get the cutting files here for $2.99 for all three projects.
  • View the tutorial for the wall decor here.
  • View the tutorial for Stacked Valentine Card v1 red here.
  • View the tutorial for Stacked Valentine Card v2 white  here.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Christmas 2019 • Time to Craft

Yes, we crafter start early. Although Christmas is months away, the holiday crafting season is here.  I just introduced 2 new designs for paper crafters to create using their cutting machines. Both are zig-zag cards based on the same construction design as my Zig Zag Village from 2018
The first is a stunningly elegant Nativity. This is the quickest Zig-Zag card for construction yet.

  • Download the cutting file here.
  • View the online tutorial here.

There is also a Gingerbread version for 2019
  • Download the cutting file here.
  • View the online tutorial here.

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Using the owl as a subject matter in my shadow boxes has been on the to-do list for a while now. Once I finished my Valentine's crafting it moved to the top of the lists.  Here is a matching set of four owl shadow boxes.
Featured are four owls that are native to my home state of Connecticut. From top to bottom are the Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, Barn Owl and Barred Owl. Each is perched in it's own varied tree and silhouetted against a full moon.

These are simple to assemble - just a three-layered shadow box. And I have created individual assembly video tutorials for each.  When complete each shadow box is about 6.5" square. Here are the links to the files and the tutorials.