Thursday, December 11, 2014

On Line Pop-up by Enric Gatell

I received an email about being mentioned in a tweet. Designer Enric Gatell used one of my original pop-up cards designed years ago (but shared here with many of my other cards) as an inspiration for his web work. He designed an online pop-up card powered by scrolling. Here is a link so you can experience the card in motion:

Here are a couple of still views;

And here is a view of my card, designed in 1985, long before there was Pinterest, or Silhouette, or Twitter!

Take a stroll through the years by looking at this post of all the cards I have designed! Back to making my 2014 Christmas card - still not done!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Latest Paper Project • Halloween Kitties.

I am still thinking and designing in 3D with my paper crafting.  For Halloween I made a pair of kitties. They have been sized so an LED tea light will fit in the head and the eyes glow! You should have seen my granddaughter's reaction to them!

I am selling the cutting files for both Silhouette and Cameo crafters on my store site at The most time consuming part of creating files like this is making the step-by-step tutorial to go along.  Check it out here

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kusudama Flowers - Spreading the Beauty

One of my online discoveries years ago was directions on how to make Kusudama paper flowers.  I made one style from old book pages and used them in this centerpiece.

And I put up a blog post about it back in 2012 here.

Recently, I received a very nice email from a student in Australia, Mackenzie Page.  She was working on a art project inspired by the work of others for a school assignment. She chose my paper flowers as her inspiration. Part of the assignment required communication with the original artist so she emailed me. I answered her questions and asked that she send along a photo of her finished work.  I received I nice email last week with several photos.  She took my idea of the flowers and a branch but from it, created her own variation. It is a mobile with the flowers hanging in descending strings.  The view up is an incredible one.

Makes for a stunning crib mobile. Nice job Mackenzie!

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