Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Additions to Tea Light Village.

I have been creating buildings for Tea Light Village since 2014, and each year I seem to design 2 more. 2018 is no exception. I have just added a Barber Shop with iconic pole and a Covered Bridge with a horse-drawn sleigh to the store at 3dcuts.com.

Both are great additions to this charming village.

The covered bridge reflects some of the design elements you will find a various bridges around new England. The sleigh comes with driver and a tiny tree for the back.

The barber shop file includes a bench, picket fence, and a pine tree.

Download links:
  • 2018 Additions: If already have Tea Light Village buildings up through 20717 then you can add the 2 new files for $2.59 here.
  • 2018 Complete: If you don't have any of the village you can get all 16 buildings in one download for $12.59 here.
  • See all the available download options here.
  • Barber Shop assembly tutorial is here.
  • Covered Bridge and Sleigh assembly tutorial is here.
Which will you make first?

Happy crafting everyone.

©2018 Marji Roy

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Haunted Zig Zag Village

Yes, this is natural extension of my first and second versions of Zig Zag Village. Here is the Haunted Mansion version. It is complete with cats and bats, and pumpkins. Included is a haunted graveyard and outhouse. Pair the card stock mansion with some webbing and orange LED fairy lights and it becomes  spooky, fun Halloween decor.


Pair the card stock mansion with some webbing and orange LED fairy lights and it becomes  spooky, fun Halloween decor.

The cutting file is available here:  http://3dcuts.com/zig-zag-village/hauntedThe detailed tutorial (including a video) is herehttp://3dcuts.com/zig-zag-village-haunted-tutorial 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Zig Zag Village - It folds up!

Fellow crafters - It is never too early to start our Christmas crafting. Yesterday I released a new project that will get you started if you haven't already.

Check out my new Zig-Zag Village. I designed this because so many people have commented on how they love Tea Light Village but don't have storage space. I wanted to design a village that folds flat. And Zig Zag Village does just that! Of course this opens up the possibility of mailing it as a gift so I designed it to fit in a standard 6" x 9" booklet envelope.

The village is filled with charming details like window and door frames, porches and Christmas Wreaths. You can light it with standard LED tea lights or there are included bases for installing LED fairy lights.  Directions for all of it is included in the online tutorial which is complete with video assembly instructions. And below is a short video showing the ease of the folding.

Happy crafting everyone!