Saturday, April 29, 2017

Making Mandalas

Did you love the Spirograph toy when you were a kid? I certainly did - and that is the basis of my most recent series of designs.

I got hooked on creating mandala designs based on spirograph type images - and then I expanded from there.

I spent a couple of weeks creating all kinds of designs, cutting them and experimenting with them. I took four different ones and framed them in Michael's Benton 9x9" shadow box frames (they were on sale at 60% plus 15% off!) to hang on my craft room wall.

These mandalas are all cut from card stock using my Silhouette Cameo using paper in gradated colors. I chose a blue series to match the wall but this would work in any color gradation series. I have finalized 1o different designs which are available here on my store at Here are the 10 designs currently available.

Some of the designs are a single star pattern made of 3 layers, others are more complicated. One is two layers of stars each made up of 5 layers of card stock in different colors.

Important Links 
Files are available here.
Complete online tutorial is here.

Other Options:
Once you start cutting these open your creative mind and think of other applications. Here are two possible uses for the same files - even consider vinyl!

And I have added a freebie to my freebie page. Go here if you want to test your machines file compatibility or skill at cutting fine lines.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ledge Village Expands - Again!

One of the easiest projects I designed for my Silhouette was Ledge Village. It was for an awkward ledge in my laundry room but I hit upon something with that idea. Many others have loved it and created their own versions. I have been periodically adding to this village over the years, and re-drawing many of the original buildings so they can be shared with crafters that use other cutting machines besides the Silhouette. Las week I again expanded by finally re-drawing a classic Fullerton House in Illustrator and by creating two totally new buildings - the Mansard House and the Town Hall. Here is the entire collection that is available over on

I took all my buildings and set them up together for a new town photo and decided to try and light up these buildings. I had learned about Fairy lights from another crafter and these were an excellent solution.

I order several sets from Amazon but liked the battery operate LED type best. The selection always changes but I found a small set with 40 lights and that was just about perfect. I used and x-acto knife to create small holes in the back and inserted the tiny lights inside. Easy and very effective.

And,as part of the introduction, I asked others to send along photos of their Ledge Village. I have a webpage where I share display ideas for Ledge Village here.  I got some photos of some wonderful displays.
Ledge Village by Debra Barrows on display at Herman Miller Offices in Zeeland, MI.

Ledge Village by Mary Lynnes on display above her kitchen cabinets.

Here are some resource links:
  • Ledge Village cutting files are available here.  
  • Links to all the other Ledge Village Tutorials are available here
  • Display Ideas here

Monday, November 28, 2016

Star Nativity Shadow Box

The shadow box has been a recurring building block for so many of my paper designs. I started with my birch shadow box when I first got my Silhouette and just kept going with so many different ones over the years. But all of them have been in Square frames. Finally I have broken out of that shape! I have just completed the new Star Nativity Shadow Box for the 2016 Christmas season.

This frame is constructed from card stock just like the layers inside. It stands about 11" tall and is 4" deep. I love the possibilities here. It worked well for the classic nativity but I am also picturing deer in the forest. We'll see what January brings.

The shadow box has a back door that opens and two LED tea lights can be inserted. The glow they provide is nice although I wish I could find LED's that didn't flicker!

Here is my first bit a decorating for the holidays. I had to set this up for photographing. It is the side table in my dining area.

I have made the cutting files available for purchase. They are at my sister site The download includes them in svg, dxf, pdf, and png formats. It will work on Silhouette and Cricut cutters but this design has mostly large cuts so it could be made by hand for those of you with out cutting machines. A good exacto blade is required!

The on line tutorial for assembly is here:

Happy crafting everyone!


©2016 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy