Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Found Art • Always Look

Art and design are everywhere and once you open your eyes to it, you'll be amazed at what you see.  Certainly, using a camera and looking at the world through a viewfinder has helped me see things as compositions and not objects. It was back in my college days that I found this rusted spring in someone else's trash. I saw it as a dynamic line drawing, retrieved and have had it hanging in my living spaces ever sense.

It currently resides on the wall above the toilet in the bathroom.  It inspired me to keep my eyes open for similar treasures.  I am building yet another collection - this one of springs - to add to the humor and impact of it.

Experimenting with the options

Whenever you start a blog you need to experiment with the options. It is difficult to see what things will look like until you actually have some text in place. I generally like my fonts a little s,aller, lighter and wider spaced. Can I do this with this blog engine?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Continuing with the Star Shadow Box......

I love working with the star shaped shadow box. It is such a strong shape and makes up so nicely. I designed yet another series of layers for a new shadow box theme....this time horses!
Again I used the LED lights from Amazon. I am enjoying including these in my projects. There are so many options that are quite flexible. The ones I used are here. (disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.) I choose lights that are warm white which gives an amber glow verses a blue glow. Unfortunately it photographs as yellow but in reality it is more amber. I am still working on the photography aspect!

Here is a link to the download files:
And here is a link to the tutorial
You should check out the tutorial! I really broke down the assemble into small steps with tons of photographs.

Happy crafting all.

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