Saturday, July 2, 2016

A New Twist on the Monogram

There is such a love for monogrammed items in the crafting world and that got me to thinking. It is time for a new style of monogram....... I just love the negative space created by letters and the design possibilities by replicating a letter multiple times. I combined that concept with rotation and came up with a new monogram idea....

I took every letter of the alphabet and created a unique radial design. I was amazed as each new pattern evolved - all made such interesting geometric shapes. So many a very tribal in feel.

But then I also incorporated the idea into the lid of a gift box. Here is an idea for a way to personalize a small gift.  Are you giving a gift card or money to someone but want to make it a little more personal? Present it in a gift box with their radial monogram on the lid.

This project is a great cutting machine project and an easy, beginner level 3D construction project. All 26 cutting files are available here and an assembly tutorial is here.

Happy crafting!

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Painter's Smock

This weekend I was reminded of a project I completed years ago - probably 30 years ago or so - back when our two daughters were young and heading off to school. They needed painting smock and I decided to make them each a special one designed and crafted by me. I saved those smocks and gifted them to my daughters as presents at their first baby showers back when they became parents. Yesterday was the birthday party of one four year old granddaughter and we gave her the Melissa and Doug easel because (in her words), "I just HAVE TO paint!" My daughter brought out the smock made for her about 30 years ago.

Handmade gifts tend to create special memories!