Saturday, July 2, 2016

A New Twist on the Monogram

There is such a love for monogrammed items in the crafting world and that got me to thinking. It is time for a new style of monogram....... I just love the negative space created by letters and the design possibilities by replicating a letter multiple times. I combined that concept with rotation and came up with a new monogram idea....

I took every letter of the alphabet and created a unique radial design. I was amazed as each new pattern evolved - all made such interesting geometric shapes. So many a very tribal in feel.

But then I also incorporated the idea into the lid of a gift box. Here is an idea for a way to personalize a small gift.  Are you giving a gift card or money to someone but want to make it a little more personal? Present it in a gift box with their radial monogram on the lid.

This project is a great cutting machine project and an easy, beginner level 3D construction project. All 26 cutting files are available here and an assembly tutorial is here.

Happy crafting!