Links to major themes in my blog. This list will grow as I have time to create the Overview pages.

Birch Overview - My birch series contains links to a variety of posts about use birch bark or birch trees as a decor element. It includes both DIY ideas and craft ideas that can be purchased. It is more specific than my branches overview although there is a little overlap.

Denim Overview - Many posts about recycling denim for décor, craft and even a tiny bit of fashion. Got old jeans? Check out these numerous ideas.

Ladders Overview - A series of nine blog posts by me from April-May of 2012 in which I have organized a large variety of ways to incorporate ladders - both vintage and handmade- into your home.

Branches Overview  - An extensive series of blog posts by me from Jan-Feb. 2012 sharing many interesting ideas for using branches or the branch theme in your home.