Friday, June 20, 2014

Extreme Bunk Beds • Thinking Outside the Box

A new challenge has me working in something other than paper for the past couple of weeks. Instead I am in the middle of a unique construction project. It all started because my grandson and granddaughter need to share a bedroom but they are of very different ages and personalities. It was clear that a shared room wasn't a great solution so I started thinking outside the box looking for a better solution. And I created a plan for a bunk bed wall.

I designed a structure for the center of the room that extends from floor to ceiling, bunks the beds and includes new walls and doors to make each space private.  I worked in Sketchup and created the 3D drawing so others could see what I was trying to describe with words and understand how it went together.

The bedroom was perfect for this solution because of the location of windows and doors. The two doors (one into the hall and the other into a big double closet) were centered on the same wall. There are three windows well placed so that both bunk rooms have their own window and the space between the windows was more than the width of a standard twin bed. This configuration allowed for the bunk tower in the center. Because the room was longer than the beds I added a cubby at the foot of each bed. I expect it will become either a puppet theater or playhouse on my granddaughter's side and a tree fort or overlook on my grandson's side. In either case it provides an additional space for some creative play.

But the most challenging part of this project is that I have designed it to be built in Connecticut in my garage, dismantled and rebuilt in their home in Pennsylvania! In reality, all the framing is being done here. We will do the drywall, spackling and painting in place. But I have the structure complete, all assembled with screws.

It will come apart in panels and and fit in our pick-up truck for transportation to PA in the middle of July (I hope!). I'll post more photographs of the progress. I expect it to be quite an experience requiring additional undiscovered problem solving!

©2014 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Patriotic Mobile in Paper for Porch

I am always creating new displays for this corner of our front portico. It is outdoors but protected on two sides by walls and overhead by a roof. I have often thought of using paper crafted items for display here and finally decided to test it out.

I created a collection of stars using my Silhouette and 4 different cutting patterns I created. I attached them to ribbon and hung them from a wreath frame also wrapped in ribbon. I sprayed all the stars with a coating of acrylic sealer by Mod Podge.  They have been hanging for two weeks, through 2 rain storms and are stilling looking great.  

Guess I can use paper for other displays here! That opens up a world of possibilities.

The cutting files for the stars are available from here.

© 2014 Marji Roy, Ashbee Design

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