Sunday, October 3, 2021

 I have been working with 12" embroidery hoops in my latest group of designs. I especially like the circular format and the structure that the hoops gives to a project that is made mostly of card stock cut on my Silhouette.  Here is the series. You can see I am moving through the seasons with more to come!

Haunted House Hoop:

Deer Family Hoop
Give Thanks Hoop
Christmas Cottage Hoop

You can download the cutting files for all of these here.
The assembly tutorials with videos are located here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

 It has been a different year for me but I am pleased to report that I am back designing at after taking an unplanned medical "vacation". And since it is September that means it is time for an update to Tea Light Village.  There are two new buildings to add to the collection this year. Can you see them in the village photo?

The are right there in the lower right corner. I have added a Windmill and Well House and The Academy. I thought the village needed another tall structure to balance out the lighthouse from 2020 hence the windmill. The Academy is loosely based on the Old Center School in Coventry, CT. I attended that wooden 4 room school house for the first grade decades ago.

Both are available at the online store. 
Download the cutting file here:
Download the tutorials here:

Happy crafting all! Be sure to share photos of your tea light villages with me at and on the facebook and instagram crafting groups.

Friday, February 5, 2021

 That's A Lot of Candles!!

Need an extra special birthday card?

Years ago I designed the much used WOW birthday card file. I designed it for a friend and have been so touched by how many people have taken that file, modified it, and given it to important people in their lives. It was a card designed to say "I truly care". So many have shared warm and happy stories about their giving it to those people who have too many candles to fit on a regular cake. But we needed a new design! We can't keep using that same one. My husband recently celebrated his birthday and we are of the age of too many candles, so I designed this card for him.
This card is 36" long and 9" tall. It can be modified to hold unto 120 candles! The cake topper can be customized as well.  The entire card folds flat and can fit into a standard USPS Priority mail box for easy sending. I also included a gift box cutting file in the download.
  • Download the cutting file here for $3.59
  • View the online tutorial here (yes, there is a video).
You should check out all the modifications of the WOW card that I have added to the end of the tutorial here. It might give you some creative ideas on ways to customize this card as well. After you have made it and given it away be sure to share your photos and story in the facebook group posts or email it to me