Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adding a Touch of Spring

With over a foot of snow still on the ground and piles close to 5feet high everywhere, it doesn't look much like spring is approaching outside. But I know it is and I decided to bring some spring indoors. In other years I have harvested moss and used that but there is no green showing anywhere so instead I made a garden on the dining table.

I started by using my Silhouette to make a collapsable picket fence out of card stock.

To that I added flowers I picked up at the grocery store. I had thought of using daisies but being St. Patricks week, they were all green. Instead I bought this springtime bundle.

I made a brilliant yellow version as well!

The cutting file for the picket fence is available from my 3dcuts website here.
A complete tutorial for making the fence is here.

The fence is designed to collapse so storing during the off season is easy.

Happy spring everyone.

©2015 Marji Roy. Ashbee Design,