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Branch Inspirations • Series Overview

I have shared with you many different ways to incorporate the branch theme in decor.  I am combining links to all of those posts into one resource below for you to easily link to and use for future reference. I am also starting a page on the blog that lists the themes I have delved into. You can access this by clicking on the Themes link in the top navigation area. I will be adding other themes but Branches has been my most extensive to date. I hope it gives you wonderful inspirations for your future projects. Send photos!

Winter Branches • A Source of Inspiration
A collection of photographs by me sharing the beauty of winter branches.
Originally posted 1/22/2012 

Some thoughts on different types of branches to collect.
Originally posted 1/23/2012 

Examples of using a branch or branches just as they are- no modifications. 
Originally posted 1/24/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

A series of ideas for branches painted white
Originally posted 1/25/2012• (credits noted on link page)

A tutorial by me on using branches to make a simple winter garden sculpture
Originally posted 1/26/2012

Different approaches for using branches to create rustic and functional hooks
Originally posted 1/27/2012• (credits noted on link page)

Different methods of using branches as supports for shelves
Originally posted 1/28/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Some ideas for putting branches in a framed area - wall decor or gates
Originally posted 1/29/2012 • (credits noted on link page)
Use branches to create wreaths or sunburst mirrors.
Originally posted 1/30/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Cut a branch and look at the end grain and then use that in decor
Originally posted 1/31/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Use birch branches to create a centerpiece- Tutorial included.
Originally posted 2/1/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Branch Whimsey
Ideas for using branches in fanciful ways just to make you smile
Originally posted 2/3/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Stacking sticks together can make interesting furniture
Originally posted 2/4/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

There are different ways of incorporating the branch theme in a bed.
Originally posted 2/5/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Use branches to create other shapes in these DIY projects.
Originally posted 2/6/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

If you find the right shaped branch, use it to create a lighting fixture.
Originally posted 2/7/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Here is a series of shelf units made to resemble trees or branches.
Originally posted 2/10/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Examples of the tree or branch theme depicted in doors
Originally posted 2/14/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Many types of coat trees that start with the tree theme
Originally posted 2/15/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Here is a collection of quilts in varying styles based on the branch or tree theme.
Originally posted 2/16/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

So what is left? More ideas from garden art to toys to centerpieces.
Originally posted 2/18/2012 • (credits noted on link page)

Which category did you find most inspirational?

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