Monday, January 30, 2012

Branches in the Round • Wreathes, Etc.

Yet another category of using branches is the circular format seen in the crafting of sticks and twigs into wreathes or mirror frames. It is interesting how something so linear adapts to this presentation.

I especially like the above example and wish I knew what type of branches were used. The fractal qualities that emerge are fascinating. With a little deeper Internet work I discovered my answer! This design is by Japanese artist Ruth Asawa and the branches are not branches at all but sculpted from wire to resemble branches! Beautiful!

Above is another circular design but centered around a mirror. Small twigs were used. The edge was treated with more precision than the first example giving a less wispy effect. This example is available for purchase at a store (follow the via link) for over $200. Invites a serious DIY attempt!

Above is another mirror application but this time straight sticks without interrupting branches were used as a material.  They were attached in an almost helter skelter fashion creating a very different design. Again I thought it was handcrafted but by following the links discovered it is available through West Elm! 

So lets find some handcrafted DIY branch wreaths!

The above wreath is handcrafted by Kristine at The Painted Hive.  She has a tutorial at her site. I've blogged about this wreath before and it has inspired many of us crafters. My growing driftwood stash is for this project!

Jackie at The Crafting Mom created this wreath use a very different type of branch and the resulting wreath is has a different effect. It resembles a pen and ink drawing, almost calligraphic, because of the thinness and darkness of the line.

My last photo is a visual trick because it isn't a circular design at all.

It is a stick structure and its reflection creating the circular illusion. It is created by Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. One of my favorite artists, his work speaks volumes about the beauty of nature. If you have some time to spare, do a search and explore the breadth of it.

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