Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Start with a Branch.....

The branch theme is implemented in decor in a multitude of ways but the most straight forward is to bring a branch indoors and display it. The web is peppered with examples of bringing nature inside and I have collected a few here as a starting point for using branches.

If you are lucky enough to find a bush with intricate branches that has recently died, they make a beautiful statement indoors by simply finding a wonderful pot to hold and nook for it to fill (above).  Most of us don't have nooks of this size but I do love the impact.

Less space and simpler branches have a different effect but still one of beauty and nature.

Finding a branch to so perfectly fit the location over this fireplace (above) must have taken some trial and error. I can't imagine the first one they tried filed the space so perfectly.  

Here, a simple glass cylinder holds a few winter branches. It is so perfect in this environment with its other wood and white elements.

Above, a more stylized or unique stick is arranged in a row to provide visual balance to the fireplace put also add a dramatic texture to the wall.

Here the branch is mounted directly onto a dark accent wall. It simply states its own beauty and requires no adornment.

The branch provides contrast in this bedroom nook - contrast in color, contrast in texture, contrast in degree of detail. In fact it takes a stark area and elevates it to fascinating.

I have saved my favorite for last. Below, relatively straight branches stand sentry duty as a headboard. 

Branches can truly be a very affordable work of art!

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