Sunday, January 8, 2012

PVC to the Rescue • More Ideas for Organizing

Another great material to investigated for organizing ideas is PVC piping.  It is inexpensive, easy to obtain, paintable, and easy to work.  Here are a few interesting ideas for using it in the home.

The above Wine Rack was replicated by Adventures in Creating using PVC piping. They provide some DIY hints at their site.

This photo was pinned by K.Ollis as an idea for using PVC pipe to create a wine glass holder.

The folks at Happy Home have put up a tutorial for using PVC pipe to create a home office or bathroom organizer.

Others have used PVC to solve the show storage problem. I especially like this setup because it actually makes the shoes look neat.

Yesterday I showed how to use an IKEA Knuff file for storing the curling iron. Here is another great idea using PVC especially if your vanity doors are narrow.

And, to break away from the organization, David and I love using pvc to create sculptures.  Remember the posts on our two outdoor sculptures from PVC?

Trilogy by David and Marji Roy 2009

Flexibility by David and Marji Roy 2010

Have you done anything creative with PVC piping? Please share.

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  1. I made a light box for photography out of 1" PVC. I may have to make cube cages, covered with screen, to protect my veggies planted in pots, and if so, it should be an easy project.

    1. Deer issues. I have given up veggie gardening because I just feed the wildlife. Send a picture if you make the cube cages. I haven't tried containers for veggies.

  2. LOVE the PVC ideas! Thank you for sharing. I have to make some of those :)