Thursday, January 5, 2012

Binder Clip Explosion

Have you ever really noticed the simple, utilitarian binder clip? You might want to look at it from a new perspective...

You know me and my love of spheres, but no, this isn't another "beautiful sphere" post. It is another in my series on organizing but using that basic binders clip in creative ways.

It all started with this absolutely ingenious use of binder clips that crossed my digital space back in October.

I was truly impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of this solution. But then I got addicted to Pinterest and following other organizing boards. I had no idea the depth of ideas for creative applications of binder clips. I am going to share with you some of the solutions that might help in organizing your home.

I love this solution published by IKEA. By using simple wooden Pränt crates from their line, some colorful paint, and binder clips, an awesome flexible shelving system is born.

via Pinterest Emilia Jane

Most binder solutions are simpler than the shelving system. Here is a great idea for helping a sponge dry...

from LifeHacker pinned by Katie Simmons

Or how about as shelf labels - shown here in a hanging fabric shelf system...

From Get simplified pinned by Tami

I have seen other solutions for stacked bottle storage in the fridge but this is the cheapest...

Or how about as a quick display solution....

I think I need a box of these in all sizes!

One blogger has put up directions on how to dress them up with fabric....

But I think using some of the designer duct tape would be an easier solution for upscaling binder clips.....

On a side note, have you seen the Wool Stocking Designer Duct Tape? It is cold here in New England today and it made me smile!

Have you found any other great uses for binder clips? Please share!

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  1. hi! we at Platypus Designer Duct Tape saw your post - and wrote one on our blog today. thank you for the great idea! lissa + rob