Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organizing Jewelry • Some Creative Ideas

Evaluate your belongings and think about those areas that are truly disorganized. For years my jewelry was in that category.  I didn't wear it because finding anything was literally a treasure hunt. I didn't think creatively first. I searched the catalogs (this was before Amazon!) and came up with this solution...

This isn't a photo of mine but I do have the same wall mounted jewelry box and it has greatly improved my personal organization. I have a great collection of handcrafted jewelry and I wear a more extensive variety now because of this case. But it came at a hefty plus $200 price. Recently I have found some other solutions that are far more creative and affordable. Check these out....

This branch design is so simple and a work of art unto itself.  I have been collecting resources for a series on branches in decor and I think this would add a wonderful natural element to any bedroom.

This rake up-cycling project would fit right into a home with vintage or cottage items. It is also stronger than the twigs for heavier jewelry.

Here is a re-purposing of the classic wooden cutlery tray, painted white, hooks added and mounted in triplicate. This would be hugely functional mounted inside your closet door. 

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