Friday, January 27, 2012

Putting Branches to Use • Branch Hooks

Although I love branches just for their own beauty, their structure lends to being put to practical use as hooks. The V formed by a branch just begs to be used for hanging a hat.  Here are some great examples.

This display (above) is not only a wonderful hat rack but also a sculptural collage. I have a perfect place for something just like this. I think I'll need to start looking for more branches of a slightly thicker variety.

Salvaged branches can be used for all types of chores in the kitchen.....

Or bathroom.....

If you find the perfect piece of a weathered branch, it can serve as multiple hooks.

If you live in one of those vast areas of America where trees are scarce but you love the look, you can purchase branch hooks from many crafters on Etsy.

Branch hooks are a great way to introduce a little bit of the outdoors into your home.  It is a concept that is an easy DIY project if, like me, you have an endless free resource of branches. Crafting and installing a row of these automatically creates a conversation piece just as people hang their hats.  It states, right by the door, "You are entering someplace special!"

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