Monday, January 16, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is • A Valentine Door

Today I placed my Valentine door decor in place. And I photographed it - lots of photographs both in place and in process so you can make a similar design as well.

First the finished results.....

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I worked with the paper ribbon heart concept with one big difference.  I substituted duct tape for the ribbon to provide a weatherproof alternative because this is installed on the outside of our main door.

You can see the Scandinavian influence in the choice of color - red with natural wood - and the simple heart shape. I didn't start thinking Nordic but the genes show through. The design also is finished on the back as well as the front so it works on our full-light door.  Here is a view inside looking out.

To Make One yourself..........

Valentine Heart Door Decor Tutorial

Supplies needed:
  • Red 2" wide Duct Tape
  • 24 3/4" wooden beads - Natural
  • 3 yards 1/8" satin ribbon
  • 5 minute epoxy

Tools Needed:
  • Ruler
  • Desk Stapler
  • Scissors
  • large needle
  • Pliers

  • Cut the duct tape into lengths for the hearts. 
  • The top heart is made up of 4 lengths, 18", 16", 14", 12".

  • Cut each to length and then fold the sides into the middle on the back from both directions.  This covers all the sticky backing. 

  • Fold each length in half.

  • Stack the strips together lining up the center fold.
  • Place the longest one in the center, then each shorter one on the outside.

  • Make sure the folds are lined up and then stable all layers together about 1/2" each up from the center fold.

  • Take the two outer most layers and curve them down forming the first inner heart and hold.

  • Repeat with the other layers being sure to line up the bottom edges.
  • Staple the bottom of all the strips together again about 1/2" up from the bottom. 
  • This will form your heart cluster.
  • Repeat for each heart. My design had each heart a little smaller than the one above it. This can vary.
    • 2nd heart has 3 layers 16", 14", 12"
    • 3rd Heart has 3 layers - 14", 12", 10"
    • 4th (bottom) heart has 3 layers - 12", 10", 8"
  • After all heart clusters are complete, thread them together along with the wooden balls. The pattern can vary.

  • Thread a large needle with 1/8" red satin ribbon. Use a piece about 3 yards long because you will thread up through all the hearts, make a big loop at the top for hanging and thread it back down again. I estimated based on my door size.

  • Starting at the bottom, thread the needle right between the layers up into the center of the smallest heart.

  • You may need pliers to help pull it through.

  • Thread through two beads in the smallest heart (3 beads in the next, 4 and then 5 in the largest)

  • Thread the needle out through the center of the top of the heart, add two beads between hearts and thread the next heart.

My pattern was 2 beads between each heart.

  • After threading through all of the hearts going up, I made a big loop at the top and threaded through all the hearts and beads again coming down.
  • At the bottom I left the two tails and threaded on 4 beads, 2 on each tail, and put a knot with a dab of epoxy below them to hold them in place.

The finished result is a Valentine door hanging that isn't too frilly. My kind of Valentine!

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  4. So pretty! You make it look so easy!
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  5. I guess my husband's right... you can do anything with duct tape! :) This is so pretty! I hope you stop by my party and link up…