Monday, January 2, 2012

January is Organizing Month

There is no getting around it. For those of us with "organization skills" that border on OCD tendencies, January is an exciting time. It is acceptable to start rearranging, categorizing, lining things up. So today I start with a series of ideas that fall into this realm. I found a new site that I sincerely hope is still active because I just found it. I was led to it by seeing these whimsical paper bag interpretations.

I love them! I wondered what they were made of and how I could get a set. The digital trail led to a German site,  Stilsucht and after working with Google Translator I learned they are made of a mixture of cellulose and silicone and available in a large number of colors from Ordnungstüten (Although all I found was Natur, Grau, Schwarz, and Weib which must be natural, gray, black and white.)

But of even greater interest - By following the links I found the site Storage Glee with the tagline of "In Defense of Artful Storage".  It is a site filled with creative storage ideas.

I hope the author is still publishing new content. The last post was from Nov. 21st with no year noted. I love much of the content. (Although sorting books by color does nothing for my sense of organization. Good organization is much, much more than the visual impact!) Spend sometime looking at the back posts - lots of wonderful things! 

Go forth and explore!

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