Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitchen Storage • A New DIY Solution

I have a special kitchen. It is special because it was designed and installed 15 years after we built the house. Using a kitchen for that number of years makes it abundantly clear what its short comings are and I worked to eliminate them on this second go round. To be fair, the initial kitchen was done on a less than shoestring budget. But I knew all my stuff and I designed cabinet spaces for it. I have a wonderful closet designed just for the extra leaves in our dining table. It is right here.

Great use for a long and skinny space! But I knew I was short on drawer space (because I wanted two realistic flatware drawers with spaces for all the pieces of cutlery, not just knives, forks and spoons!) As a result my drawer for wraps, foils and baggies isn't large enough.  It is in the island and has the critical stuff but the baggies got relegated to sharing space with the table leaves and that was not a good situation.

I have been brainstorming solutions because the problem wasn't lack of space, just workable use of the space. I was stacking the baggie boxes in between the leaves and it was guaranteed that the size I needed was always on the bottom. I looked for wire racks and didn't find any solutions. I knew I wanted to mount the boxes on the door so all would be easily accessible. The idea I implemented today is to velcro the boxes to the door!


Velcro - both adhesive backed and plain
1" elastic - black
Black Thread

The Process:
With the 1" wide black elastic I sewed large elastic straps for each of the box sizes I store here. I made them a little snug so they had to stretch to fit around the boxes.

I also purchased both plain and adhesive backed velcro. I used the adhesive backed and attached a strip right to the inside of the cabinet door.

I used the non-adhesive type and sewed 3-4 dashes of velcro to the elastic straps. I don't like sewing with adhesive backed materials on my sewing machine. It gums things up.

Stretch the elastic around the box and stick it to the velcro on the door.  Position it so the box opening is to the front and you have easy access to four boxes of plastic bags!

This was a DIY quick solution.  It didn't take much time at all - less than two hours and would have been quicker if I wasn't having issues with my sewing machine.

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  1. Very creative! Now I think we need to figure out something for the back of my basement door.

  2. What a great idea! I've been trying to figure out something to do with my ziplocks, Press&seal, foil, Wax papers,etc. Our pantry has pull out shelves and they are stored(usually thrown on the bottom drawer)I think I'm going to find a better and more convenient solution. Too difficult to get to.