Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woodland Bridge

This past July David and I, along with the help of Amy, Josh and Taylor built a woodland bridge spanning a steam on our property. I blogged about the project here. The bridge has become a focal point of our walks. We incorporate it into our daly trek through the woods generally once in each direction.  Fall has descended upon southern New England so I decided to share with you the bridge during this season.

This first photo is from right in front of the house. You can just see the bridge off in the woods right in the center of the picture. I expect it will be more visible once winter arrives.

This is a much closer view looking downstream. Of all the years to decide to build a bridge this has been the perfect one. It just keeps raining and there has been a constant flow of water all season. It makes a good rainstorm less gloomy when you get to go watch the water rushing under the bridge.

We have blazed a path that wraps along the far hillside and descends into the hollow below.  Here is the view of the bridge looking upstream.

It looks great surrounded by the fall colors!

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  1. Oh are living my dream!!!It must be so amazing to wander trough your peaceful woods...I will have to visit your blog and photos more often...!!

    1. Please do visit. I do have a wonderful world to wander through. And we, along with the neighbors have blazed walking trails which make it ideal. Almost every evening my husband and I hike the approximately 3 miles of trails. It is a great way to end the work day.