Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfect Pears in Bronze

A week ago on Saturday I told you we were going to the Paradise City Art Fair in Northampton, MA. I neglected to share with you the wonderful things we purchased. First, more pears. What can I say...it is definitely becoming a collection. It was borderline before but no longer. Look at this beautiful pair of pears....

These are created by Laura Baring-Gould from Somerville, MA. I saw her work in March and didn't buy but when we saw her booth this time, David and I were drawn right in and couldn't go home with out a pair.  They are amazingly heavy and beautiful to hold. Laura has many different pears and there is no doubt a personality contest between them as we decided on our two. She also creates rotten pears (full of personality) and figs.  Her website doesn't include her bronze castings so you'll really need to go to a show to see her work. Very special.

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