Saturday, October 8, 2011

Concrete Sequential • Sometimes

I am the first to admit that my personality runs a little toward the concrete- sequential side. ( I can here my family laughing at my use of the adjective "little"!). Certainly my love of shelf units and storage containers and organizing in general is a reflection of that trait. But them some shelf designs come along that let me know I am not too far gone.

My husband David sent me link to a new lifestyle and design online magazine that crossed his radar - Lancia Trend Visions and while browsing there I saw the beautiful unorganized cabinetry of artist Colin Tury.

I love them all although would only consider owning the first one. Too much wasted space with the other two.  For some reason they remind me of the tree forts I used to build as a kid - lots of nooks and crannies on a rickety foundation.  Very Suessical.

I also found this shelf unit at the English store Heals: Wonderful randomness that is absolutely organized.

Obviously, there is hope for me!

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