Sunday, October 2, 2011

Odds 'n Ends • Piggy Toes

A simple wire line bent into a triplet of feet with a suggestion of toes.


It reminds me of my years in art school with drawing assignments using a continuous line.  It was one of the exercises professors used to assign me in an attempt to "loosen up" my drawing style. (Never happened!)

But designer Charlotte Tange uses the same concept here brilliantly to create a whimsical yet totally functional shoe rack.  It is a work of art when empty. It does a much needed job when not.  I love it!

I want one - and three pairs of red shoes!

Via Apartment Therapy

I just did a quick check to try and located these to purchase.  No luck yet but I did fing this note on Charlotte's facebook page:
"Charlotte Tangye Design Thanks for all your comments. From the end of next week (approx 16 September) the shoe racks will be available to buy online from: - with shipping worldwide."

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  1. Brilliant and just darling! There aren't words to describe how much I adore this idea!!!!