Monday, February 21, 2011

Literally - A Coat Tree

There are a lot of contemporary design ideas using wall stickers.  This one I particularly like.

Not only is it a dynamic graphic design, it is also a great space saver. Absolutely no floor space is lost to what could be a traditional piece of furniture. This example is from Ferm Living and they have many others. As a DIY person, a roll of blue painter's tape, some black paint and some hooks could make this a truly affordable sleek solution.

Ferm Living has a series of wall stickers that are worth looking at. Many would give a room a focal point with a little design humor attached.

Interesting that I am partial to their trees.  

Go to their site to see flowers, birds, suitcases, bikes, and telephone poles.

There is a series of wall stickers at Amazon as well. These are much more affordable but a different design level. 

An Amazon search on Wall Stickers leads to thousands of hits.  

Having never used wall stickers I wonder how easy/hard they are to remove when it is time for a change. Anyone have experience with them?

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