Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creative Living Everyday

Living creatively means being creative in all ways.  It may not result in something beautiful to enhance your living space but to creatively solve a problem.  Over the past few days David and I have been combating ice dams on the eaves of our home.  We'd learn from the news to use calcium chloride to melt them away and we read a facebook post about filling stockings with the stuff and laying those on the roof.  I dug out all my old knee-highs and created a way to quickly and easily fill them.

We needed a wide mouth funnel to fill them. Because I do save certain containers (like all clear plastic Skippy Peanut Butter jars and the bright yellow square plastic containers that Argo Corn Starch comes in), I had a solution. David sliced the bottom off one of the yellow plastic jars, I slipped over the end of the knee-high stocking and the calcium chloride poured right in. We tied off the ends and are positioning them on our roof to keep open channels for the melting snow to escape. Needless to say there was a lot of humor involved in this process.

Notes: Thanks to K. Glenney for the Facebook tip on the stockings.
Believe it or not, we bought calcium chloride from Amazon and had it delivered to our door! Amazon Prime is a great program that covers shipping and we really make out on products like this one.

Down side: I was saving the corn starch containers because they are a beautiful, sunny color and very nice proportions. I knew I could use them creatively when I got a collection of them. I lost one to this project and I don't go through corn starch that quickly!

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