Friday, February 11, 2011

Muti-functional Table - Puzzle Time!

I've mentioned my puzzle passion in previous posts.  I love them, not only three-dimensional ones but flat ones as well and we needed a puzzle table.

The pressboard folding monstrosity just wasn't adding to the ambience of our space. We found a perfect solution that has an incredible built-in multifunctional feature.

The Calligaris Table opens into a large etched glass surface, perfect for puzzles or a small dinner party for six, but then closes up into a much smaller table for other times. The top slides in under itself so no problem finding storage space for table leaves. It is perfect for apartments or for small family rooms.

We got our table at Jordan Furniture - the 5 piece set table and chairs were decidedly affordable especially when compared to some of the designer tables available. 

There have been a multitude of post recently about multi-funtional tables.  
SwissMiss did a post on this new table design by Doppelleben. I like its puzzle possibilities because you can just cover it up to use the table for other activities. The design is too minimalist for my space but might be the solution for yours.

And here is another one from Better Living Through Design:

This one is a different approach in that you can change the parts to use in different places as your needs change.  

Flexibility in design is always a good thing because your needs will change. Plan on it, and look for solutions that can change with you.

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