Monday, February 7, 2011

Designing with a Collection - Mine is Balls

Scattered here and there throughout our home you will discover balls.....lots of them.  They come in all sizes and textures. You'll find them in things.....

Nestled under things......

Perched on top......

Clustered around.....

They have been selected with joy. Some are gifts, others are from our travels. I've made some from scratch and discovered others while shopping for something else. Once you start looking you'll find them easy to collect.  

They do not overwhelm our home but are placed for discovery. It takes guests awhile to notice that they're everywhere.  

Incorporating a theme (like balls) can be a unifying element in designing. Balls are just one of several in our home and it overlaps with others. Some balls are also part of my seed pod collection, or wooden items, or geometric shapes.  

Here are some links to help you start a collection of your own.

From Amazon: Artisan Deco Bowl and Balls - $8.69
Natural Willow Decorative Balls- Set of 6 - $14.99
Decorative Ceramic Ball Set - $26.99
Banana Chips, Wood and Rope Decorative Balls - $51.00

From CB2:
Stainless Steel Balls in 2 sizes - $14.95-$29.95
Bubble Balls - in 2 sizes - $1.95 - $3.95

Photo credit: CB2

I want these!!!!!!

And my question - I am in search of artsy balls that can go outside- not the glazing balls in gardens but other types.  Comment with links if you know of any.


  1. Get a old bowling ball and cover it with pennies. Then let it do it thing great petina.

    1. Great idea. Wonder what would be the best type of glue?

  2. Hello! I'm enjoying visiting your collections!
    I have some too, vintage children's dishes...egg-cups...
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina