Friday, February 18, 2011

Spice Storage Solution

Select•a•Spice Expandable Organizer racks are a long lasting solution if you have lots of spices. I am having trouble locating them now but when my kitchen was last designed (15+ years ago) the kitchen folks installed absolutely useless spice racks inside the doors. I went on a search for a better solution and found these:

That is a lot of spices neatly displayed. The holders come in strips that have double stick tape on them.  You simply position the strips to best match your collection of spice jars. I first attached them to a piece of white plastic which I then screwed to the door but that wasn't required. It has continued to be a useful solution for years.  

Below is a photo of the opposite door on which I kept the rack provided by the cabinet makers. It is a very inefficient use of space, the wrong proportions for most spice containers and covers a fraction of the useable storage space.

I had a hard time locating my preferred type online. They are by Kitchen Art and I purchased mine at Linen and Things. I did find these two sets at Amazon. The first ones look like my originals but the available photo is quite small. The second set looks like a new type which, because of the design might be even more efficient.

Time to fix that left door in my kitchen.

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  1. You have a lot of creative and useful ideas that I will explore more to adapt to my/our situation.
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