Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ACC Craft Show - Post 2 - Fiber.

Although many of the top craft shows in America have a majority of wearable art creators, (those creating gorgeous clothing and jewelry), that is not what draws me there. I love the work of craftspeople creating beautiful things for the home and there are many at a craft show the size of the Baltimore ACC show. Today's blog post will highlight a series of work in fiber - not to wear but to display in your home. The following caught my eye at the ACC website:

Christina Meyers at Booth 1214: Fabric Collage. I love the colors in this particular piece.

Susan Levi-Goerlich at Booth : Stitched Paintings - I purchase one of Susan's thread paintings back in 2000 and still love it. I am drawn to her work every time I see it. It hasn't faded with time.

Ann Brauer at Booth 1122: Pieced Quilts -  Incredible landscapes crafted from many. many pieces. I love the vibrant colors and the simplicity that comes from such complexity.

The show is open to the public February 24-27.  I also did a previous post sharing some of the wood designs to be displayed.

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