Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shimizu Woodcuts

David and I frequent artists' open studios. You find such treasures and inspiration in the work of others. And sometimes you find something you can't live without. This past fall we again did the Quiet Corner Open Studio tour and deep in the Pomfret woods we visited the studio of Lynita Shimizu. Her woodcuts have stayed in my mind since then and today I did a Google search and found her website. I was again in awe of the beauty and dynamic design.

© Lynita Shimizu

Banzai Blizzard

© Lynita Shimizu

Cheung Chau Island

Lynita writes the following about her work: 
"The labor-intensive process of mokuhanga (woodprint) brings order to the chaos of creative energy. To move from the inspiration of the sketch to the mechanics of the print requires thoughtful organization of color and space. My initial step when making a woodcut is one of simplification as I work to strip the subject matter down to its essence. The subject matter itself may vary, but its source is never far from my daily interaction with nature."


  1. These were absolutely beautiful and I had forgotten about them until I saw your post. I hope to acquire one someday.

  2. Me too! Same old problem though.... Not enough wall space.