Monday, October 31, 2011

Stormy Weather • No Power • Off Line!

We were hit hard by the freak snow storm that stormed through Connecticut on Saturday night. About 10" of very wet heavy snow fell but what made this difficult was that many trees still had their leaves.  The weight of the wet snow bent them low and for many, well past breaking point. Many of our trees lost their tops. We will be with out power, Internet and telephone for some time to come.  Today we traveled to find wireless service and gasoline.  Blog posts will be intermittent as we try to keep things going. We did take photos and I'll share a few with you.  It was very beautiful as the sun came up on Sunday morning!

I'll start with this one of the leaves. The beech grove on our front hill was devastated because the leaves were in their glory.  Fire and Ice is a great name for this image.

The front hill is just a jumble of tree tops.

The bridge we constructed is scenic in all seasons!

Here are two of the three deer that have been breakfasting on my garden every day. 

The cement sphere sculpture, "Lost Marbles" looked wonderful in the snow.

And here is the first of the problems. This tree is sitting on the wires.  There are six more of these along our road.  As I said at the beginning- we are going to be out of communication for many days!

And here is Trilogy, the large pyramid sculpture in the snow.

Hopefully you have power, Internet, and cell service where you are!

©2011 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

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