Monday, October 3, 2011

Industrial Chic • My Way

Industrial chic is very much a buzz phrase in home design today. It is certainly made popular by a lot of what Restoration Hardware has to offer. And I can relate to so much of a point. Here are a couple of spreads from the currrent RH Source book.

I dearly love gears and lust after a set like this. But place them on a wooden sideboard or a natural stonewall not a cold metal locker in a gray and drab room.

Here are my gears, matching quintuplets gracing my garden. These were a surprise gift from my husband. I have continued the theme with others additions to my garden space. Here is a collection of metal wheels. Some have been gifts from my Dad, others I have found while hiking in the surrounding woods.

But not all examples are collections. We have a cyclist created from found metal scraps by metal sculptor Bill Heise. He is posed in action a top some rocks in a field of pachysandra.

I also have some crafted metal fish swimming through another area.  This aren't as  industrial but by the same sculptor.

I have a terrific gear from discarded farm equipment salvaged during a walk in the woods.  It leans against the stone wall in my front garden.

This larger gear still attached to the wagon wheel was salvaged in the scrap metal heap at the local transfer station.

And I have a trio of flowers crafted from stone and metal. These were anniversary gifts from our daughter on our 30th wedding anniversary.  The are by Eric Candee, a Colorado artist.

That is a part of outdoor collection of industrial chic. I have chains and pulleys and hooks all scattered through the gardens. I'll share some of my interior industrial finds in another post.

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