Friday, May 13, 2011

Bicycle Chain Inspiration

Years and years ago, I was fascinated with bicycle chain links and how they went together and moved.  While in college I used that concept in creating my first (and only) wall mounted kinetic sculpture. Little did I know where that would lead to. (Visit Wood That Works to see if you haven't been there already!) I was a sculpture major and my material of choice was always wood.  I decided to make a large scale bicycle chain with totally wooden links and have it transfer human power from one gear to another.

It was on this project I learned about the contemporay qualities of Baltic Birch plywood. Yesterday I dug through the embarrassingly huge volume of important stuff stored in the top of my garage looking for a box of 35mm slides - my "portfolio". Much to my surprise I did uncover it and found an appropriate slide of the bicycle chain sculpture back during my college years. Oh, to be twenty-one!

It was a recent post over on Shoebox Dwelling that sent me on this trip down memory lane. They did a blog post about a new coffee table design by Nódesign Studio based on the bicycle chain link and its flexibility.

Furniture that can change and adapt to various uses is a design plus. This table can be rearranged to fit your space or your entertaining needs.  I love it!

Photos from Nódesign studio.

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