Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birch Trees • Using a Windfall

I had blogged earlier about the majestic birch tree that had been toppled by wind in a nearby field. David's chain saw was finally repaired so we spent an afternoon harvesting a little of the beautiful tree for our entry project.  David cut a series of lengths from a portion of the tree that was about 6-8" in diameter. He cut them at a variety of lengths ranging from  14"- 28" trying to cut the ends square. After lugging them home we arranged them as sentries to both sides of our front door and placed ivy plants on top.


I repotted the ivy from green plastic into terra cotta pots because I liked how the terra cotta color reflected the natural wood cedar siding.

The portico is on the northeast side of the house so it gets very limited sunlight.

David suggested we also bring in a Y joint of the tree.  That was a good idea because it adds an interest factor.  I'll be search for an abandoned bird's nest to add after the hatching season passes.

Welcome to Ashbee Hill!

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