Monday, May 9, 2011

Passing it On - Being Creative Matters

I blog because I want to share my ideas and inspirations. I am happy sharing them with the world but the two people I want most to share them with are my grown daughters, Amy and Karen. This is a recipe book of ideas on living creatively for them and anyone else that wants to hop on for the ride

This past weekend David and I traveled to Pennsylvania to visit Amy and celebrate our grandson's second birthday. For those not yet a grandparent let me tell you that parenting is the most rewarding experience life can provide. Grandparenting is absolute joy.

Taylor loves fire engines and Amy decided to make a fire engine birthday cake. Amy, being of the generation that grew up computing (and also blessed with parents that lean decidedly in the geek direction) knew to first Google "fire engine cake" and sure enough there is a YouTube video on how to make such a creation! Amy modified it but created a perfect cake for Taylor!

It is complete with Dots lights, brownie tires and licorice hose. Taylor ate only tires but he was one happy camper.

I can't begin to put into words the wonderful feeling you get when you see your kids grow into creative, caring adults, giving, sharing and passing it on. For those of you that are new moms and dads, know that it matters and makes a difference. Be creative with your kids in any way you can - from birthday cakes to sand castles to goofy songs and video creation. We want creative problem solvers in our future!

Amy also has a friend thinking of starting a business creating gorgeous theme cookies and for Taylor's party she made beautifully (and delicious) crafted cookies - fire engines, fire hats and #2's- for two-year old Taylor. Happy Birthday Taylor.

If you live in the Philly area and want wonderful cookies, contact me and I'll give you Stephanie's contact info. She has an amazing sense of design and does beautiful work.

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