Sunday, May 15, 2011

Updates - More Birch Ideas

No sooner did I end my posts on birch trees when a few more items crossed my screen.  I believe it is fair to say that no series will ever be done. My attraction to certain themes is part of my inner self and I get inspired all over again as new things appear.  Today I bring you hand carved birch vessels - cups, mugs, bowls.

I discovered these at dorknob, a website sharing "design ideas daily" although with a google search they were featured on just about every design site on the blogoshpere.  I can understand why.  The meticulous handcrafting and the simplicity of function derived from combining the tree truck with a branch are stunning.

When I originally saw these I thought they were a beautiful glaze job on handcrafted ceramics. Not so. Each one is a hand carved birch log.

The designer is Kouta Fukunaga. Other work by this artist includes additional dishes and eating accessories. via/Daily Tonic

Here is a link to the Kouta Fukunaga website however it is in Japanese.  I could find no links for purchasing these beautifully designs so they get filed as wonderful inspiration!

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