Thursday, May 12, 2011


Have you ever been?  Yesterday I took my 87 year old dad and we spent the morning roaming through Brimfield. Even though it is nearby, I have only been to the tri-annual Brimfield Antique Show once before and it is not a positive memory. It was blistering hot and just miles and miles of stuff. Yesterday, I approached it differently, not so much to look for specific stuff (impossible) but to look for inspiration.  I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some fun photos from the morning.

Although there is a phenomenal amount of stuff, if you attend with an open mind you might just be surprised at what you see.  Logistics have to be considered because you will walk several miles and lugging your found treasures will soon be difficult.  Many people brought wheeled carts.  I should have too because I did find some beautiful gears, huge glass floats in shades of green and blue that would be beautiful balls in my garden, and wheels to add to my collection - not yet shared here.  Also yesterday was decidedly cool with a light mist falling.  It was comfortable weather conditions for this type of event - much better than hot sun! 

Should I go back this weekend or wait 'til the next show?

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