Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Photograph Starts an Idea

When personalizing your space, you start from the things that make you happy.

I was out walking on the hill behind our home earlier this week and I snapped this picture. Dandelion puffs make me smile (even though they create more dandelions). They evoke positive childhood memories and remind of a glass paper weight I used to have with a beautiful perfect puff frozen inside.

Starting from that inspiration I started looking and sure enough, other designers love dandelion puffs as well. Look at some of these examples:

I have never used a wall decal but I see them as an affordable solution to achieving a dramatic impact.  This example (and many more) is available from Coolgraphicss on Etsy.

Here, a similar graphic is used in fabric for pillows. Available on Etsy from NancysBagsEtc.

This print is a more stylized version of the same subject matter. Very striking. Available on Esty by EcoPrint.

The theme crosses materials as well.  Here the dandelion puff is pierced into porcelain to create tea candles. Available on Etsy from Wapa Studio.

The lesson - An easy route to personalized design is to identify a theme that makes you happy, go to Etsy and search on that theme.  I found all these wonderful possibilities with a simple search on dandelion puffs.  And I didn't even begin to review all the possibilities.

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