Monday, May 16, 2011

Wanderings • Boston • Chihuly

I was at RISD during the Dale Chihuly years and wherever I travel I find Chihuly chandeliers installed. You know the ones - brightly colored hanging masses of blown glass spermatozoa. I felt I had to go see the Chihuly show at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston this past weekend.

I am glad I went. I have mixed reactions to the work but ohh, the photo opportunities were special.

Yes, I have to admit to feeling that a Chihuly glass sculpture has become almost common place. And yes, I'd like the artists that create these works to get their names listed as contributors. But all arguments aside, I loved the first display at the entrance to the show.

The red, yellow and orange forms brilliantly lit and placed on reflective black surfaces were stunning. 

And the room arranged as a replica of his collection of Northeast Indian Art and the glass it inspired was also noteworthy. Here amidst blankets and baskets and a phenomenal wooden slab table were the Chihuly "baskets" nestled together. Stunning and full of life.

I had seen his reeds arranged in birch logs in photos before but they were truly memorable in reality. A subtly of gradation that doesn't come across in photos was present in reality.

Neodymium Reeds on Log 2008 Chiculy Studio

But many of the other pieces were a noisy cacophony of color, shape and texture lacking any restraint.  

Ikebana Boat, 2011 Chihuly Studio

But that is okay.  I was inspired by the work and I liked the beautiful presentation of all of it.  And it was great for photographs!

Detail of Millie Fiori

Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass is at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts through August 7, 2011.

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