Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making the Most of Moss

My new tablescape is a contemporary design using moss harvested from a woods walk.

I took 5 pails I purchased at Ikea, filled them with potting soil and then mounded thick moss on top. I separated them with white candles placed on my tiny CB2 white square plates and arranged it all on a couple of moss green place-mats. It is a design that is striking by day or evening.

It was a very easy DIY project. I referred to this eHow site on growing moss indoors. I mist it daily with water in an effort to keep the moss green and lush for several weeks.

Centerpiece Update added July 2, 2011: The moss lasted for nearly 2 months and then I added to it.....  Black-eyed Susan Pinwheels

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  1. So lovely and serene!

  2. So simple and elegant. It makes such a pretty impact!

  3. Thanks for commenting. I love the Zen quality. Today I switched it up some. The moss has lasted a very long time (nearly two months and still counting) so it was time for a change. Check out this post with the pin wheel addition. Switched to a country theme for summertime.