Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Centerpiece #2- Winter Ice

The pears of the last centerpiece ripened and we ate them so my centerpiece was gone. I generally like to get some fresh, bright yellow flowers for the table during January.  What better way to bring a little sunshine in but alas that was not meant to be.  The flower selection at the grocery store was sad.  Out here in the country we do not have the flower options one sees in the cities.  One of the things that amazed me when our daughter lived in NYC was the incredible flower stalls on so many corners.  It was easy to have exotic blooms in any season.  Not so around here.

I decided to put together another non-holiday centerpiece from things around the house. The theme - winter, ice, snow - exactly what is visible out the sliding door next to the table.

I selected a random grouping of clear glassware - old vases, a hurricane lamp, some of my mom's crystal. I was looking for a variety of shapes and heights.  The shapes were easy to find but they all seemed to be one or two heights. I did some combination work including stacking a vase on a low-ball glass to increase the variety.  Into each I put a white candle from my collection. (I buy candles whenever they are on sale or I visit IKEA!) I included pillars, votives and tea candles. The result is a sparkling display......

That truly shines once the sun goes down.  It makes for wonderfully romantic evening dinners on these dark winter evenings.

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  1. Candles have become part of dinner, making even ordinary meals special.