Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magnet Magic

Refrigerator doors are meant for display space. I know that everyone enjoys taking a moment to peruse the latest additions to that highly visible place. It brings smiles, starts conversations, shares news.  I found this stylish spider magnet and thought, "Oh! Nice!". But then I looked at the price.

I like buying entertaining things for the fridge but I also like to be practical.  Instead an Amazon search will quickly reveal that you can get 50 Rare Earth Magnets for $2.99. I use those for my "art" gallery.  They are unobtrusive and allow me to quickly change the display.

This month my freezer is covered with the personal photo cards we received this Christmas.  I am learning to not be a saver (goes against the genes) but I do enjoy these photos and thought, "Why not display them for a few weeks?" I don't have to keep them forever but I can enjoy them for awhile.  And they did start fun conversations with friends and family that came for a cross-country ski day this past weekend. It is important when designing living space to keep it personal. A collection on the fridge door is one of those touches that communicates "home" to me.


  1. I agree that photos on the refrigerator door are great for conversations. Any recommendations for people with stainless steel refrigerators?

  2. Try purchasing wide gross grain ribbon in a color that matches your kitchen interior. It is available at Amazon in 65 different colors at 1.5" wide for $3.30 (not Amazon Prime though :-( ). Using double stick carpet tape, tape it to the top and bottom of your fridge door- out of sight.Then put a skinny super magnet on the inside and another magnet on the outside to hold your object in place. I'd run 3 strips down the front of the fridge or maybe five with interesting spacing. Coordinating stripes with no art work and a connector strip with. Let me know if it works. Send a picture!