Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zig-Zag Wood Cuts

For years I have used a nifty letter holder created from a block of wood sliced in a crosscut pattern. The cross cuts provide slots for the letters but also give the block a spongy, bouncy quality. It is only one of the unique items clustered in my workspace.

This technique of cutting blocks of wood in an alternating zig-zag pattern with careful precision has been explored in greater depth by Seth Roland. I first saw his fan-folded wooden bookends in the gift shop of the Museum of Art and Design in NYC but was more recently drawn to a vase series on his website. I am tempted to redesign my bathroom to provide a shelf for this design. Stunning!

Exploring his website further I found the tables and oh my!  I think I need to work on other rooms as well. Below is one of many interesting side, hall and coffee tables.

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