Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Design

This is what our home looks like today from the snowshoe trail through our backyard. My husband, David and I designed and built our own house back in 1978.

That was shortly after the Oil Embargo and an earlier energy crisis. We designed an energy efficient, passive solar home. Many of the techniques we incorporated were new ideas back then and we have been testing them out for over thirty years.  I expect I'll be using our home as the subject matter in many of my blog posts because so much of my creative living is centered in and around it - or to it!  One of the main energy design features is that it is a berm house - backed into a hillside with much of the first floor below grade.  From the northwest it looks like a snow home but the other side is full of windows catching the winter sun. I love the interesting roof lines.

This photo is a little farther along the trail on the other side of the house.  One only needs to open their eyes and look to see beauty everywhere on a day like today!

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