Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When Easter rolls around I'll do a post on the Easter Egg bowls I create but I am ahead of myself.  My egg collection has diminished over the years but I forget to prep in time.  This post is a reminder to start blowing eggs now.  I eat so few that I need to start many weeks in advance. Although part of the problem is that I also find a basket of undecorated blown eggs a gorgeous accessory on a side table.  This one is out year round.  I need to prepare enough to allow me to add to this collection and have a bunch to decorate.

Eggs - or more precisely their shells are a beautiful shape and create an inexpensive solution to a creative arrangement.  Here is a link to a wikiHOW article on blowing eggs. Start collecting them now and use them in a basket arrangement until needed for decorating.

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