Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designing with what's at hand....

The holiday's are over. All the decorations are packed away. The house is looking uncluttered but I still wanted a center piece on the table. What to do? I consider all things centerpiece prospects when combined creatively. By combining some beautiful pears received as a gift (thank you Cheryl and Larry) along with tiny white square plates I was able to easily create a centerpiece for free.

I set the table with the handmade pottery pasta bowls made by Susan Gerr of Birch Mountain Pottery in Tolland, CT. My husband David commissioned these bowls as my birthday gift. We had been searching for stoneware pasta bowls with a lip. I especially like to serve food in this type of bowl but couldn't find any.

I also used my salad plates made by Kaleidoscope Pottery. We purchased these years ago at a craft fair. Each has individual leaves embedded into the design.

All in all it created a beautiful table for my vegetarian chili and salad enjoyed with friends.

Notes: Tiny Plates from CB2- 4" Mini appetizer plate

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  1. I love your centerpieces and always notice them whenever we are over having a wonderful dinner! The pears are another neat one to add to the collection!