Thursday, January 13, 2011

I collect.....


I collect many things especially from nature but the joy is using my collections in design. I decorate with them, create with them and collaborate with them.

Today the sun came out after a record 24" snow fall and the world is absolutely beautiful. I spent the morning snowshoeing about taking photographs. Snow transforms many things in stunning ways and I often create thinking about how an item will this look after a snow fall. Below is a collaborative sculpture created with my husband David and daughter Karen using found rock. Today it is in it's winter wear.

But the cold finally drove me in and with camera still in hand, I noticed that the sun shining on the snow bouncing into our living space was creating beautiful visuals with some of my other rock creations as well.  Here is a close up of a lamp created with David. This will have a future post with more DIY info but for today I was just enjoying the beauty in the the design when combined with the light.

And in a different nook of our living room is a stack of small stones picked up from the beach at Provincetown stacked to give them personality.

I do lots of decorating with my many collections and, when I stop and think about it, most are free!

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