Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black-Eyed Susan Pin Wheels

The Black-eyed Susans have started appearing on the roadside. I love this wildflower and have tried unsuccessfully to grow them in my garden. They are just another invitation to dinner for the deer.

But seeing them inspired me - that along with the fact that I have tired of my moss centerpiece. As an update know that it lasted beautifully for nearly 2 months. I loved its zen like simplicity and its contemporary impact. It was also fun to listen to comments from guests. Some loved it and some just didn't get it.  (Being considered a little weird is a plus to me!)

I decided to make pinwheels based on the Black-eyed Susan color scheme and use them in a moss base extending the life of the moss but with a different impact. I made a variety of pinwheels and I did it all from stuff on hand - regular laser printer paper in white and yellow, yellow markers, Avery dots, floral wire. I made a variety of pinwheels with 3", 4" and 5" squares. Some I made from solid yellow paper, some from white paper on to which I had added yellow stripes or dots.

To the center of each I added a black dot. I had red Avery dots left over from a Christmas card project so I colored them black with a permanent marker and added them to the center of each pinwheel. I inserted a floral wire stem of various lengths and then stuck them into the largest of the moss pots from the previous tablescape.

The result is a summery country style centerpiece, very different in impact from the contemporary moss arrangement from May and a welcome way to start July!

Happy Summer!

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