Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kid's Nook

Post 4: Gramzee Series:

Do you have a place in your home that could be used as a little nook for the kids? If you do, I encourage you to think about the possibilities.

The angles and rooflines of our home are unique to say the least and we were left with place for an under-the-eaves-storage area, big enough for a blanket closet but not much more.  When we built our home back in 1978 we finished only portions of it, and then continued on to additional areas as the funds were replenished and the kids arrived. This little blanket closet never was on the sheet-rocking list but then the unexpected happened.

The kids loved curling up in the blankets and reading, or hiding with a friend and having girl chat.  It became a favorite comfort place - kid sized. I took some plain white sheets and staple gunned it to the studs to cover the insulation and let them continue to play in the cozy nook. As the girls entered their preteen years friends started autographing the walls and ceilings. They just loved the little nook and hours were spent in there sharing secrets.

The kid's nook has remained until this day.  No one wants me to take down the history recorded on the walls. I do expect I will update the decor with new white sheets so the grandkids can also memorialize the nook as well. For now it works well as a blanket and pillow storage area even with the walls coverd in kid graffiti from the '80s.

Our nook is really a low budget DIY project.  I have also seen some beautiful examples of indoor forts. Here is a tree house that was posted on ohdeedoh recently.

What a great way to use the dead end corner of  hallway.  Look at your house for kid nook possibilities.

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