Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Ferns

I shared many photos of early ferns just unfurling in my garden earlier this spring. Summer is full upon us and the ferns continue to delight.

These ferns were all freebies.  They were here when we purchased this land thirty plus years ago, and they have reciprocated the joy we have in them by multiplying and spreading. Our stone sculptures are enhanced by them.

And my stonewalls softened and defined by transplanted varieties.....

And recently I have been bringing them indoors for fern arrangements. I have no idea why but the memory from my childhood is that ferns were like dandelions - you couldn't use them for bouquets because they closed and drooped right after picking. My memory is wrong! I picked several bunches and they have lasted beautifully in vases around the house.

In the Family room

In the sunroom.......

Simple and elegant and free!

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