Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gramzee Week

I am also Gramzee. It is the grandmotherly name I choose for my grandchildren to call me. It is a little funky yet still connected to tradition. Hmmm?  Might that also describe my decor style?

Today my daughter, son-in-law and grandson arrive for a week of vacation. This is my first and still only grandchild so as my daughter and son-in-law learn the art of parenting, my husband and I are learning the art of grandparenting. Taylor is just over two so we have been at this for a while now.

I am not a mommy blogger because of my age and the fact that our daughters are grown and flying on their own. I so would have been a mommy blogger if the the personal computer and internet had be invented at the time I was a young mom. But times change.  Babies now have to sleep on their backs (a complete no-no when I was a mom) and blogs exist for sharing. This week I plan on sharing some parenting and grandparenting oriented posts. In reality I should have had some completed in advance because life gets very busy when there is company!

This morning I did some child proofing. My home is filled with beautiful things. Many aren't fragile (the ball collection, the rock collection, etc.) but others are. Those I move. Taylor lives about 4.5 hours away so vists aren't that often.  If my grandkids lived next door I would approach this differently. A lot gets stored on top of David's storage chest in our bedroom.

I also move things into David's dress clothes closet.  Notice nothing gets put in my closet!

I leave the little do-hickies in the plugs all the time and I quickly add some to the cabinet doors with cleaning supplies. In 15 minutes or less I am set for Taylor!

Just waiting for the little guy to arrive.  Enjoy your weekend.

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