Friday, July 8, 2011

Wheels in the House? - Oh Yeah!

Apartment Therapy did a post today on using wheels in your house and asked to see how other's incorporated them.  Here are some photo's from around my home because wheels? - I have lots!

The first photos are not only of wheels - but better yet moving wheels!  These are kinetic sculptures by David Roy (my husband) and I am lucky enough to have a changing variety of sculptures as he designs new ones.  It is an incredible benefit although it does mean we put more holes in our sheet rock and have to paint walls more frequently than the normal homeowner. I always save little jars of touch-up paint for the various walls. Here are the "kinetic wheels" currently in my home.

Visit David's website at Wood That to see these sculptures. Below is a video showing Fireworks in motion.

But I also have vintage wheels as well. There is a collection nestled into the corner of my truly useless balcony. The balcony was a holdover from the vision I had of the perfect house. I wanted a balcony so I designed one in and I have it. Better in concept than in practice but a great place for collections.....

I also use found wheels as garden ornaments. Finding well designed garden ornaments is a treasure hunt. Most garden centers stock gnomes, Madonnas and mushrooms. It is hard to find well designed garden decor. I have chosen to used found art instead.  

So I got my Restoration Hardware catalog recently and what did I find?


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